Business driven by software

Your business should be DRIVEN by technology, not held back by it.
Let us create a solution for you to run your business the way you want to, not the way your software forces you to.
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Database Design & Development

All a bit technical?

If you are turned away by thinking that having your own custom applications is technical, its not!
You don't event have to have any IT staff or knowledge.

Our web based solutions can be hosted on the 'Cloud' (a fancy buzz word for being stored on a secure server somewhere else!) so all you need is a browser enabled device i.e. a PC, Mac, mobile phone, iPad etc.
That way, you can access your software & data from anywhere at any time!

Database Design & Development

Bespoke means expensive right?

It used to be. Now however, with the latest technologies and languages, applications can be written quickly which in turn means cheaper for you.

That is why we are now being approached by companies of all sizes, from a 2 person business working from their living room, to a multi-national company with offices all over the world.
Bespoke now means quality at an affordable price which can increase productivity, accountability and ultimately, save you money.

Is this something that want for your business?

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Are you using spreadsheets - everywhere for everything!?

Replace Excel spreadsheets with real applications

Is everybody at work is always entering things in spreadsheets? Is opening Excel the only way you can work out what's happening in your business?

Whether it's management information, sales lead progression, or monitoring work in progress, if your business runs on uncontrolled Excel spreadsheets it is costing you money.
Do you know how much?

Document Workflow & Management

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Contact us today if you feel your business or company can benefit from custom applications.

Also, if you think or know that your staff are not using the software as effectively as they could, talk to us. We can look at how you and your staff use your applications and suggest or demonstrate a better way. Or, tell you that you are doing it correctly and we will be on our way!

Contact Us and we can begin to help you regain control over your applications and your technology.